London Resolution 1959
London Integrity 1955
London Majesty 1953
Overseas Courier 1962
London Valour 1961
London Victory 1960
London Confidence 1963
Memories & Momentoes of  my sailing days in
1952 to 1965
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This series of webpages has been made for my own pleasure to reminisce about the "old days" and to share with any ex-LOF shipmates or those interested in life at sea in the 1950-60's. I have tried to break it up into logical groups with links between them but there is inevitably  a bit of overlap between memories, events, people, places, technical stuff and opinions.... so do be understanding.

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ship photos below to open up a page for that ship - showing Ship details, officers names, Ports visited and any other relevant details.  From each ship page there is a link to my memories and records from times on that ship.... some quite detailed, others less detailed  and more opinions.

Quite separate from the ship pages are
links to specialist things like "First tripper", Last Tripper","Medicine at Sea", "Ship's Gear in the 50-60's", "Photos of Certificates and documents" , "Humour at Sea", "Technical stuff" (pipeline layouts, cargo calculations, star sights, mooring plans , etc,.)   CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW  to go to those pages if you choose and there will be links  back to here for another choice.

I do hope you enjoy browsing and that for some it brings back good memories--- for younger visitors it may broaden their knowledge of "the Olde Days" their Dad's and Uncles still talk about.

R.E.Ambrose Jones.          London Overseas Freighters   1952 to 1965.
Click on each ship photo to read data & stories about it
Medicine at Sea
Food at Sea
Technical Stuff
Certificates & Documents
Humour at Sea
Memorable people
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Ships' gear in the 50-60's
First Tripper
Fleet List of Officers
Special Memories of places & situations
Leisure Time
Dangers .. hidden & otherwise